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Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School Application Form 2024

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School

The Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School Stanger Campus Application Form 2023 Online| Entry Requirement 2024/2025 Apply Now.

The academic year 2024 for Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School Stanger Campus online application form has been made available.

It contains all information about the Application price, Admission entry requirement, programme and length, prospectus, contact information, opening date, fee structure and application closing date.

Going for a bachelors degree, diploma, higher certificate, postgraduate advance courses in diploma in nursing, midwifery programme will make enjoyable and fulfilling, we are so confident in Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School.

For any question you may have concerning your studies, feel free to contact the South African Nursing Council (SANC), or by visiting the official website or campus. https://www.sanc.co.za/ we would be happy to help.

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School Application Form 2024

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School as well as the South African Nursing Council (SANC) online admission application form for prospective candidate that is looking for admission at Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School for the academic year 2024 has been released.

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School offering training in association with private and state hospitals and community facilities, whereby they gain practical expirence under the guidance of our educators and well train registered nurses.

All student admitted to any programme of study tenable at the Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School must read carefully read and understand and abide by the instructions.


Why choosing Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School

We provide skilled Educators in a secure and safe atmosphere.
Get certified training.
You can hone your clinical abilities in our well-equipped simulation lab before using them in a real-world setting.

Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School Admission Requirements 2024/2025

Mathematics, physical sciences and Biology should be a matriculation subject. Candidates admitted to the programme should hold the following qualifications: Mathematics level 4 or mathematic literacy level 5, physical science level 4 and life science level 4 all made available.

For clinical training will take place in general and midwifery hospital, mental community, community health facilities around the province.

South African Nursing Council (SANC)

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) is the regulatory body for nursing education and practice in South Africa. It was established under the Nursing Act of 2005 and is responsible for the registration, accreditation, and regulation of nurses, midwives, and nursing education institutions in the country.

The main objectives of the South African Nursing Council include:

  • Registration: SANC is responsible for the registration of professional nurses, midwives, and nursing auxiliaries. It sets the criteria and standards for registration, ensuring that individuals meet the necessary qualifications and requirements to practice nursing in South Africa.
  • Education and Training: SANC is responsible for accrediting nursing education institutions and programs in the country. It sets the standards and guidelines for nursing education, ensuring that programs are of high quality and produce competent and skilled nurses.
  • Professional Conduct: SANC establishes a code of ethics and professional conduct for nurses in South Africa. It investigates complaints and disciplinary matters related to nursing practice and takes appropriate action to maintain professional standards and protect the public.
  • Continuing Professional Development: SANC encourages and regulates ongoing professional development for nurses. It promotes lifelong learning and ensures that nurses stay up-to-date with the latest developments and advancements in nursing practice.
  • Collaboration: SANC collaborates with other professional healthcare bodies, government agencies, and stakeholders to promote and advance nursing and midwifery in South Africa. It participates in policy development, research, and advocacy efforts to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

It’s important for nurses in South Africa to be registered with the South African Nursing Council to legally practice nursing in the country. The SANC registration provides recognition and ensures that nurses meet the required standards of education, competence, and professional conduct.

How to Apply online.

Admission portals, online application form must be filled in order to submit an application.

Application fees must be paid after your form has been submitted, in order for it to be processed, without that it will not be processed.

You can reach out to the Chatsmed Candlelight Nursing School by going to the campus or official website for further details and enquiries.

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