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Here is the new essential app, if you use Android and Windows


Google launches its equivalent of AirDrop on Windows. You can easily transfer files between your smartphone and your PC.

If you use an iPhone and a Mac, you benefit from perfect integration between your smartphone and your computer, since both are designed by Apple. For example, to transfer a file from one Apple device to another, simply use AirDrop. And if you use an Android smartphone and a Windows PC, you can benefit from the same ease, provided you install the Nearby Share application that Google is launching this week.

As a reminder, Nearby Share is the official equivalent of AirDrop on Android. Available for a while, this feature lets you easily transfer files between Android smartphones and tablets , as well as Chromebooks. What’s new is that Nearby Share is now also available for Windows PCs.

While other methods exist for transferring something from a smartphone to a PC, Nearby Share is simpler. And this solution is already pre-installed on 3 billion active Android devices. Google began testing the PC version in March, and since then, Nearby Share for Windows already has 1.7 million users, who have already made 50 million transfers.

Coming soon to computers

Today, the Nearby Share application for Windows is available to everyone, provided they have at least one computer running Windows 10 64-bit or newer. Google specifies that computers with an Arm processor are not supported.

Google explains that before the official launch, it has made some improvements to this equivalent of AirDrop for the Android and Windows ecosystem. The firm has added a display of the estimated duration of the transfer. And when the user sends an image, they can preview that image during upload, to make sure they sent the right file. Otherwise, later, Nearby Share should be delivered with certain PCs, which means that the user will no longer even have to download and then install the app.

“To make sharing between Android devices and PCs even more seamless, we’re working with partners like HP to include the Nearby Share app on select Windows PCs, such as the HP Dragonfly Pro. We will continue to work on Nearby Share for Windows, adding new features and listening to your feedback ,” says Ronald Ho, group product manager at Android.


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