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How to jailbreak your iPhone/iOS? (complete tutorial)


It will not have escaped your notice, a new version of unc0ver , the famous tool for rooting your iPhone smartphone has been released!

The procedure is super simple and accessible to anyone aged 3 and over. So as I say in the video, why jailbreak your iPhone?

So obviously, we think first of pirated applications, but that’s not the real interest. The point is to take advantage of a completely unlocked smartphone to be able to develop homebrews and, above all, distribute them to the whole world. And it’s legal, no offense to Apple!

It is also possible to patch lots of existing tools, take advantage of themes and wallpapers that are not always very beautiful, without forgetting to launch a whole bunch of games and utilities not authorized by Apple. And if it’s banned by Mama Apple, it must be interesting, right? 🙂

Also note that rooting a smartphone can expose it to new security vulnerabilities or to the installation without your knowledge of a Trojan horse for example. So be careful what you do!

Ah and don’t worry, the procedure is reversible, and I will explain to you at the end of this article how to find your good old non-rooted iPhone.

To unlock your iPhone, you will need:

The first step is to download Impactor and the unc0ver IPA.

Plug your iPhone into your computer, launch Impactor, then drag and drop the unc0ver IPA onto Impactor.

This will then ask you for your Apple login as well as a password that you must generate here on the Apple site.

Then unc0ver will be installed on your smartphone. At the moment, your iPhone is not yet rooted but we are almost there. You should see the unc0ver app icon on your iPhone. Launch it…

Note that this jailbreak is semi untethered, that is to say, semi-permanent. Which means that each time you reboot, you will have to reactivate it by restarting the jailbreak procedure by re-clicking on this magnificent blue button.

Once the procedure has started, you will have a first reboot of the smartphone. Relaunch unc0ver to finalize the jailbreak then one last reboot.

And There you go ! If the Cydia application is in place, it is jailbroken as it should be. Homebrew applications and everything else are yours… Besides, if you know some cool Cydia repos and want to share them, go to the forum.

Now, how do I get back to the initial state? Well for this, you have 2 possibilities. Either wait for the next iOS update which will systematically skip the jailbreak (but you can reactivate it afterwards), or follow my little technique.

To do this, simply launch unc0ver then click on the small toothed wheel at the top left. You will then have a nice little screen full of options.

Disable everything to keep only “Refresh Icon Cache” and “Restore RootFS”

Return to the main screen then click on the “Restore FS” button.

A little reboot and that’s it! It’s not more complicated than that!


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